A study on the impact of Knowledge Management practices in MSMEs in Bangalore, India

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Dr. V. Padmaja


The field of Knowledge Management is unexplored and not much researched, and thus its importance is still not realized. The field is still evolving and there is a lot to discuss on. As per many research papers and studies done the large organizations have understood the benefit up to a certain limit and so they have applied it, and are investing on it as they have the required resources, whereas on the other hand the most of the MSMEs have neither realized the importance of this area nor they have the resources required to implement it. Also as in India the SME sector is booming and is a contributor to the economy in a lot of ways there is a need for them to invest in this area. The research is focused on analyzing the impact of Knowledge Management (KM) practices in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, to know the level at which KM is within the MSMEs. A thorough analysis has been done to find the degree at which the SMEs get affected by Knowledge Management. Various statistical tools have been used to do so and from that various findings were done. It was found that the level at which awareness is there in the large organizations, it is not there among the employees of the MSMEs, also they have certain KM practices in place but in an informal way. There are no policies and procedures for it neither any standards are set.

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