HR Students Perspectives on HR Education in B-schools: Redundancy in HR Subjects

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Praveen Kumar T.M.
Gururaj B Urs
Lancy Dsouza


This paper is an attempt to understand the significance of HR education in India for its structured revision. Management education in India, has reached a phase where there are umpteen number of differentials and integrals, which in turn create multiple scenarios; some of these issues are growth oriented on one hand and chaotic, negatively connatated on the other. Thus, creating many an unwarranted situation for all the stakeholders. The University structure of traditional procedure of imparting management education and in turn training tomorrow’s business leaders has been rendered redundant. The process of privatization and globalization demands drastic changes in the traditional teaching learning approach, but also stresses a need for introduction of new age employability based knowledge, skill sets, attitude, and approaches, which have more economic and business value. This paper tries to explore the current issues of HR management education of B-schools, based on the HR students’ perspective. A questionnaire has been developed and used to collect the data from the present HR students. A total of around 238 students studying in twenty-three institutions, were covered throughout the state of Karnataka. The data was analyzed using statistical techniques such as Coefficient of Correlation and Chi Square. The results have been analyzed and discussed based on appropriate hypothesis. There exists a critical and crucial requirement to shape the HR education in accordance with the changes at the national and international levels of both the industry and the academia to bring about effective competitiveness and sustained employability amongst the work force in India in the near future.


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T.M., P. K. ., Urs, G. B., & Dsouza, L. (2023). HR Students Perspectives on HR Education in B-schools: Redundancy in HR Subjects. M. S. Ramaiah Management Review <span style="font-Size: 16px;"> ISSN (Print) - 0975-7988</span≫, 14(02), 42–59. Retrieved from