A Multi City Study of Logistics Management & Medical Facilities Provided to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

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Gururaj B Urs
Pratistha Bhattacharya
Neelanjan Sarkar


The effects of COVID-19 are having a significant impact on the Healthcare sector. The disease is transmitted by direct touch, through contaminated surface or object. Even though no fool proof or most effective medicine or vaccine has been invented to cure COVID-19. Thus, people are infected very fast and it becomes a threat to the health employees who are directly involved. Logistics provided by the government of health play an important role in the lives of the healthcare providers as they can treat the patients without being infected.

The recovery rate of the patient depends on the primary facilities and aid provided by the healthcare sector. During this situation, the health infrastructure, equipment, and heavy amount of logistics were needed to combat the pandemic. The area of study has been done on a state of India that is West Bengal. The study is mainly focus on West Bengal Healthcare Sector. The data on COVID-19 was drawn up from the Government websites provided by West Bengal Health Department. Total positive case, recovery rate, mortality rate, test per confirm case, and percentage distribution of active cases were calculated. Availability of hospital, ICU beds, and ventilators with respect to total active COVID-19 patient was also computed by government sector.

The result revealed that, Kolkata constitutes more than 30% active case in the West Bengal. Highest active cases in West Bengal belong to South 24 Parganas and highest mortality rate was found in Kolkata. About 6246 people are being tested per every million population. Here, the question arises that, the healthcare facilities provided by the West Bengal Health Department is enough or not.

The priority should be the laid-on expansion of more laboratories and hospitals, logistics like PPE, Gloves, Sanitizer, Mask, and indigenously developed vaccines.


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