Covid-19 Awareness and Its Effect on Consumer Perceived Benefits on Online Shopping, Bangalore

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Deepthi J R
Kiran S
Ganesh S Prasanna


The Covid-19 eruption has transformed out a prospect for a latest  perceptible growth in online shopping in Bangalore. Hence, this  paper intends to learn how online shoppers respond to their  purchasing behavior during Covid-19 although in relations of  perceived benefits view. Built on reports from reputed consulting  firms and community data sharing platforms, it was noted that, as on April 2021, Bangalore households were planning to depend on home deliveries as their preferred choice purchase channel, with approximately 34% being via e-commerce sites and 16% being from local households indicating a substantial increase from 21% in February 2021 and 33% in March 2021. This resulted in a sudden, yet substantial spike in orders in the case of many e-grocers. This growth  spurt was also observed in the case of apparel brands. Statements
from a senior executive of a top apparel brand supported this view, which quoted, “We used to typically see around 10–15% of total  sales from online platforms. This has shot up to around 30–40%.” According to the executive, this growth rate was expected to stay up-to about 25% despite fluctuations in demand. The research studies the role of COVID-19 which fluctuates in association with the user’s benefits creating awareness for the expenditure. The outcome of COVID-19 regulates the position of the user’s mindful of benefits, thus stimulating the shoppers about online shopping. Though, the liking towards the society is fetching the consumer their uncertain behavior related to online shopping. Meanwhile, the response towards the COVID-19 pandemic and promotional activity thus has no implication on the online shopping significantly while
the COVID-19 pandemic is a fight with past studies. These results can provide to understand the consumer behaviour broadly which helps enterprises deal with comparable condition healthy appraisals in direction with the management of the business efficiently in  forthcoming days. 



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Deepthi J R, Kiran S, & Ganesh S Prasanna. (2022). Covid-19 Awareness and Its Effect on Consumer Perceived Benefits on Online Shopping, Bangalore. M. S. Ramaiah Management Review <span style="font-Size: 16px;"> ISSN (Print) - 0975-7988</span≫, 12(02).