Brand Sustainability During Crisis

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Sanjeev Chinnamanthur


SARS-Cov-2 virus, popularly known as Covid-19 pandemic has spread farther, wider and faster than any wild fire has ever spread in the history of human kind. Covid-19 is a deadly virus that has infected more than a million in India and more than 10 million across the world. Caused over 28,000 deaths in India and over hal a million deaths across the world and continues to cause deaths on a daily basis with no respite. The virus spreads human to huma via droplets and also spreads airborne as confirmed by world’s renowned scientists and WHO. There have been series of lockdowns across the world where all businesses are shut. All industries are shut down affecting all sectors of businesses. In India, lockdown wa announced on March 22nd. Lockdown has all the public transport, malls, cinemas, airports, retail, sabzi mandis and markets wer shut. No public gathering of any sort allowed during lockdowns. Except the essentials like chemists and hospitals, basic groceries fruits and vegetables vendors. And no individual is allowed to step out of the house. This certainly has economic impact in terms o consumer spending and government spending besides several job cuts, pay cuts. Even though the lockdown is being implemented intermittently by the authorities, essentially the markets and the human lives are largely in statue mode. This paper focuses up on how brands sustain such statue mode. How brands survive such a crisis. What brands must do to move across the silent lanes and bylanes of human entitlements and lives. Come out successfully out of the crisis and continue to succeed even long after the crisis is over. As covid-19 pandemic crisis is the first of its kind, this paper presents some little research done in relation to a crisis like this and lays down the approach the brands should adopt in order to overcome such crisis successfully.


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