Environmental, Social and Governance and the Young Investor’s Awareness Level

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Hariharan Kovi Surendran


Past research on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and investing in stock has been explained at the level of corporations, financial advisors, portfolio managers, and institutional investors. This study is an attempt to study the level of awareness of young investors in the market with ESG goals. Responsible investing has been studied and published in large level, but when it comes to governance part, investors were not given much awareness on linking ESG and stock investing. Awareness on ESG issues by analyzing their company performance in accordance with the sector balanced outputs would help the investors to do responsible investing. The results of this research study would give more insights to the marketers and policy makers to educate the young investors on ESG for a sustainable and calculated future of stock market investing by providing information about the firm’s ESG goals at the initial level.

Methodology: This study is based on primary data from a group of young investors – MBA finance graduates with an experience on de-mat account trading.

Findings: Respondents have much experience in investing in stocks by considering factors like stock performance, sector performance, and profit percentage and at the least company history and governance. Respondents have rich experience in trading with the theory and practical knowledge gained at the institution/ from the course. With hands-on experience with the aid of stock investing apps in handy, it is not uncommon to do investing for profit percentage alone. It is found that respondents have very less awareness on ESG to link with their investing pattern.

Research limitations: This study is limited to young investors concentrated to MBA finance graduates in a management studies institution in Coimbatore. This research underlines the importance of providing awareness to young investors to link ESG while investing.


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