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Yashwanth R
J. Joshua Selvakumar


As a medium for social connection, Instagram has developed to sway audience members' purchasing choices. According to a 2017 Facebook survey, 70% of US shoppers use consumer engagement on Instagram to find products and make judgements about what to buy. The beauty sector is thought to be more active than others on Instagram. On Instagram, beauty firms consider customer involvement in the form of likes, comments, and shares to be a more important indicator of consumers' intent to buy. According to studies, beauty firms have a real impact on their followers through their posts, which can be shown through consumer interaction and directly influence their desire to make a purchase. Research has been done on the reasons why consumers interact with beauty products and go on to intend to buy. Our study seeks to determine whether gender differences exist in the characteristics that influence consumer engagement and purchase intention. Content-Type, Post Vividness, and Post Timing have been identified as three independent variables. The content kinds that affect engagement are those that provide entertainment, information, and compensation (Cvijikj and Michahells 2013). Depending on the calibre of the content offered, a post's level of media richness can engage readers. The ideal time to post, which results in more engagement, has been determined by Sprout Social through their study. Research indicates social media usage has an impact on how people decide what to buy. (Hutter K,Hautz J, Dennhardt S, Fuller J, 2013). To ascertain the favourable link between the aforementioned elements, customer engagement, and buy expectation, two distinct analyses were conducted. The examination was led by a quantitative report through a survey, to assemble an outlining point of view in customer engagement on Instagram towards corrective brands. The discoveries of this examination give the feeling that general client commitment is high and all the factors affect customer engagement and purchase intention equally. This shows that the respondents do converse back and forth. The optimal time of day to upload posts on Instagram was determined by an exploratory study. The cosmetic brand names are the most reliable sources of information while researching cosmetic products. 109 responders made up a respectable sample size.


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R, Y., & Selvakumar, J. J. (2023). A STUDY ON FACTORS AFFECTING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT WITH COSMETIC BRANDS ON INSTAGRAM. M. S. Ramaiah Management Review <span style="font-Size: 16px;"> ISSN (Print) - 0975-7988</span≫, 13(02). Retrieved from https://msrmr.in/index.php/Home/article/view/144