A Study on Impact of Employee Engagement on Work Force Excellence

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The aim of this study is to study the impact of employee engagement on Work Force performance among the employees of manufacturing organisations in Dindigul district.. The factors that are believed to affect employee engagement are shift timings, facilities, job security, safety in the firm, policies and procedures, opportunities for development, pay equity, autonomy & decision making, grievances redressal, career growth opportunities, recognition from superiors, family hours, designations based on qualifications, communication channels, relationship with superiors, pay & benefits,, health & safety, performance appraisal, performance of company, communication training leadership, grievance procedure career development and other benefits. A sample of 100 employees will be surveyed using a questionnaire in order to achieve the research's objectives. Descriptive statistics such as Kolmogorav-Smirnov test and multiple regressions will be used in order to analyse the data. The results of the study suggest that all factors of employee engagement have a positive effect on overall work force performance.



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