Native Advertisement - Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

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Nandan Jog


The purpose of the research is to identify the demand for the native advertisement in future and also it is becoming the best opportunity to use in future for the company to promote their product or service.

Native Advertising is the form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

 The main objective of Native Advertising is to

  • Creating brand image and emotional connect with customers.

  • Driving consumer to take a particular action like singing up for a program or installing it.

There is an options for each and every products and services in the market for the customers. In this era customers do not stay loyal with one particular brand they keep on coming accordingly to the recent taste and trends. It has been becoming difficult to the companies to promote their products and services in the existing market and also to convince for the new product. In early days there used to be no more competitors so promotion used to be an easy task. But now people are becoming more conscious in all the aspects they see each and every thing in buying one single product, so marketers need to convey the information of the product clearly. And also people are shifting more on digitalization they compare the products before buying.

So my research talks about native advertising which is becoming a powerful tool in promoting and providing the information to the end users. customers need to know about the product and the experience. so company prefer to go with blog, video in promoting the product. I have taken some sample survey of the students to help my research in finding how they make their purchasing decisions and what and all they include as a parameter in buying the product. This primary survey will help my research to estimate the Native Advertisement would be the opportunity in Marketing for future.

In a consumer driven world, the need to understand a customer’s demand and susceptibility is absolutely imperative. And this is where big data’s indispensable power to identity and foresee a consumer’s need and demand come into play. Successful native ads can be designed and created based on these conclusions. As my research throws a light on Native Advertising and how it will be an opportunity in marketing aspects for future trends


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