Examining Employee Engagement Practices in the Retail Sector in Bengaluru

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Sumithra Sreenath


Now a day’s employee engagement is one of the main factors among all other factors for many organizations in the current competitive world in order to encourage the employees to be more productive in their workplace. And it is essential to the organization in building a positive relationship between the organization and employees. The study conducted by the researchers is to know whether the employee engagement can create a positive mindset among the employees. There are many organizations which are lagging behind in the concept of retaining their skilled employees and also in the case of employee engagement in the workplace. Here the variables which have been used in the study are job satisfaction, persona factors, organizational factors, communication, and retention. The result of the research paper shows that organizational factor and retention variables need to be considered in order to check whether there is a proper engagement in the sector. The better engagement programs will lead the workers to achieve the objectives.


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