Marital Status and Stress Level: An Study with Reference to Women Employees in IT Sector

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K. Soundarapandiyan


Stress is the psychological and physiological reaction that takes place when one perceives an imbalance in the level of demand placed on the capacity to meet that demand on individuals. Human resources are the biggest assets for any organization, in this competitive world, it is very essential to retain the best employees to have a competitive edge in the business. The concept of stress and the stress management techniques are stereotypically aligned with modern lifestyle in the economically developed world. To increase the employee’s productivity and satisfaction, the organization should provide a healthy, stress free environment to its employees. The aim of this study is to measure the level of Stress among Women Employees in IT sector. The research was carried out with a sample size of 140 working women of IT sector. This study falls under descriptive research. Data were collected based on structured questionnaire and Non-Probability Random Sampling technique was employed. Simple percentage analysis and statistical tools such as independent sample t-test and cross tabulation were used to know the demographic profile and comparing stress level between the married and unmarried women employees in IT sector. The findings of the study show that working women in IT sector face stress in managing their personal life along with their work life.


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