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Dr Anupama Budagavi
Immaculate Joseph Kirthika
Deepika GS


To lead quality life, every individual irrespective of his profession should maintain balance between work life and personal life. These two domains in every one’s life are very important as both are interrelated with mutual influence. Coping up with the situations that are encountered in the work life in the covid - 19 scenarios has become more challenging. Every individual has compelled to adopt new normal conditions in the workplace. In the course of delivering the responsibilities in the changed patterns of works in the present covid conditions, there is a possibility of arising role conflict among intra personal behaviors of an individual. In these circumstances, it is very important to attain harmony in life with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. There is a need of spiritual component in both personal & professional life to avoid role conflict. Spirituality at Workplace describes more on employees complete selves at work by finding meaningfulness in their work by connecting themselves with Organization and community rather work just for their survival. These opinions had sown a thought to conduct study on concept of workplace spirituality and Work-life Balance. The present study has been carried out to understand the importance of Work-life Balance in every individual life and how Workplace spirituality can help Individuals to maintain balance in his both work and personal life.


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Budagavi, D. A., Immaculate Joseph Kirthika, & Deepika GS. (2022). WORKPLACE SPIRITUALITY AND WORK-LIFE BALANCE: A CRITICAL STUDY . M. S. Ramaiah Management Review <span style="font-Size: 16px;"> ISSN (Print) - 0975-7988</span≫, 12(01), 8–22.